Comparison between and Local Backup

In this information age, it has become essential to develop functional means of storing data. The most common methods of storage are flash drives, CDs, and hard drives.

However, in recent times, cloud storage has become more popular, and individuals, businesses, and companies have started adopting this means of storage.

Cloud storage is being accepted because of the interesting benefits that it comes with. One of the leading files hosting sites is, and we have compared this cloud storage option with the local backup means of storage. is one of the popular file hosting providers, and it is slowly building up a good reputation. It does have its advantages and disadvantages, and some of them are discussed below.

Advantages of using

It is cost effective

It follows a simple manner of operation; pay and upload. With premium, you can get rid of all local backup options that require special care and maintenance. At a reasonable price, you get enough cloud space to keep your data and retrieve them anytime you need.

Disaster recovery

Local backup is susceptible to damage or loss, and when something like this happens, you may lose some vital data. However, with a file hosting service like, there is a remote backup, even if there is an attack on the site or some technical issues, your files can still be accessed and recovered.

It is accessible

You have to take local backup with you everywhere you go, and in this process, there is a risk of you losing the storage equipment or getting them damaged. When you register on filejoker, you can access your data from anywhere and on any device, as long as there is internet access.

Disadvantages of using

You may not have total control over your data

People with highly sensitive data may not be really convinced about the safety of platforms like this because they won’t have absolute controled over their data.


This directly depends on the size of the data you have to upload. If your data is very heavy, it will take considerably to upload or download depending on the connection speed.

Local Backup

This is how we have stores information for a long time before cloud storage came. It does have its pros and cons also.

Advantages of using a local backup


As long as you are always with your CDs flash drive, or hard drive, you have control over your data.


It takes a considerably shorter time for you to move data to a local backup than it takes to transfer data to cloud storage.

Disadvantages of using a local backup


If your data is really heavy, using cloud storage can be considerably cheaper as it will cost a lot to get enough local storage for your massive data.


While you can access data from cloud storage from any location and any device (as long as there’s an internet connection, you need to have your local backup with you or close by before you can access your data


It all comes down to you to choose which types of storage you want to go with. Look carefully at the pros and cons of each, before you decide. If your data is huge, it may be better to go for cloud storage; it will be cheaper and safer.

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